I’m running the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path for some friends. There are a number of NPCs and things to keep track of as this is a sandbox adventure. This will help me keep up with what’s going on, especially as we may only be playing once a month.

-it’s a campaign, from 1st to 16th. How long it takes will be up to the players. Much of the campaign is sandbox, especially the 1st couple of levels.
-You’ll be playing pirates, so Lawful Good is out and so are other lawful alignments unless you can make a really good argument otherwise. If you want to play a cavalier, look at the order and see whether it precludes piracy.
-You start the game shanghaied (look at how the campaign traits in the player’s guide end) and the rest of the crew is higher level. You’re going to start at the bottom. While you won’t stay there, can you keep your temper and your in-character remarks enough to enjoy the game, even when the NPCs are complete [expletives deleted to avoid nannyware, etc]?

Other notes:
-starting gold will be average for your class (see p 140 of core rulebook for core classes for example)
-List your gear on a separate sheet from your character sheet and put a star by 1-3 small or easily concealed items; you will be able to keep one. You will get a chance to get your gear back, or replacements
-If your class has a familiar or animal companion, talk to me. It can be done, but I need to know what you have so I can make it happen
-You get 2 traits, no duplicate categories (only 1 racial, 1 social, etc)
-20point character build rule (like Pathfinder Society)
-NO advanced firearms, mechanical cartridges, or merfolk.
-if you’re interested in crafting items, talk to me about your ideas. I’m not automatically denying them but I want to preserve game balance
-clerics and inquisitors be within 1 step of your deity’s alignment
-If you’re interested in Besmara as your deity: She’s CN, minor goddess of pirates, strife, and sea monsters, her domains are chaos, trickery, war, water, and weather
-not using the optional peg legs and eyepatches rule in the player’s guide
-looking at a class variant? Talk to me. Some are not suitable for this game
-Allowed books: Core, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate books, Advanced Race Guide, Pirates of the Inner Sea, Adventurers’ Armory and Animal Archive. If you want to play one of the classes on trial, you will be allowed to rebuild when the official book comes out.
-Alternate race variants from splat books (like aasimars and tiefling books) are not permitted. Equipment is. Feats are on a case by case basis, talk to me.
-Player’s Guide is a free download: http://paizo.com/products/btpy8rwc?Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-Skull-Shackles-Players-Guide

Skull and Shackles

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