Sandara Quinn

tattooed redhaired woman, clay pipe, figure-accenting clothes


Long red hair, capable-looking, dressed to accentuate her figure, seagull feather in her tricorn hat, sailor tattoos on her arms, and clay pipe

Smile lines at the corners of her eyes, ebony skull and crossbones pendant, and rapier


Born and raised in Hell Harbor, to a fisherman and seamstress. She looked out for herself and got work on the docks as soon as she could. She was frequenting the bars and taverns of Hell Harbor by the time she was 9 and learning the rope of sailing by age 12.

When her prayers to Besmara were answered, and her father survived a powerful storm, she turned to worshiping the Black Queen. She even set up a small shrine on the docks of Hell Harbor. When her father died a few weeks ago, she left Hell Harbor for a life at sea. She was shanghaied aboard the Wormwood in Port Peril.

Sandara Quinn

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